Finding Your Niche: Vanilla v.s Fetish?

So you're finally ready to enter the world of online sex work, but you just can't seem to find out what type of content or shows you want to offer or what persona you want to run with? Well here is some advice on how to find your niche and whether you want to offer vanilla, fetish, OR both!

Vanilla V.S Fetish

Vanilla work means generic or standard. Fetish caters to specific kinks (which can get pretty weird but we will get to that later). I started off as a vanilla girl (as most of us do) which means I did generic cam shows where I stripped naked, masturbated, danced around, had a nice and flirty persona, took nude photos, and didn't do anything too taboo and was hardly ever rude or mean to my clients. Vanilla simply means generic and basic... like vanilla ice cream. Most camgirls on sites like myfreecams, manyvids, are vanilla and plenty of them do well for themselves! If you're more into being flirty, teasing, and getting naked then you may enjoy the vanilla side of online sex work.

- The chances of piracy are higher
- Entitled clients & freeloaders
- Low competitive rates
- Lots of competition

The main con to vanilla porn is PIRACY and thanks to free tube sites like Pornhub, nowadays most consumers feel entitled to vanilla porn and don't think they should have to pay to see girls naked. So some of them go as far as leaking your live cam shows or videos so that other wankers can see it for free. When you're new or if you're popular you will get ALOT of piracy guys on your trail because they seem to think newbies are dumb and naive and they know the popular girls are in demand or are most likely "too expensive". So always be smart if you work on a site like myfreecams always watermark your cam feed with your domain URL or twitter handle (domains work better). We will discuss how to properly brand yourself and avoid piracy in another post but please be aware it exists. When i first started I had no idea about piracy and my first couple of cam shows where recorded and til this day I still have to get them took down, so keep this in mind when offering vanilla shows and content!

The World of Fetish

Now we enter the world of fetish, which is my favorite! As I stated earlier, yes I started out as a vanilla girl because for one I didn't know anything about fetish other than some guys like to suck my toes, and just like the rest of society I thought that men would only pay a woman to do sexual things or to get naked, but boy was I wrong! Every since I started doing fetish only my income has tripled and I only deal with nice respectful men for the most part. I rarely encounter entitled douchebags anymore every since I switched to fetish. Piracy is still a concern but it's not like it was when I was doing vanilla. 

Fetish means you cater to specific kinks, for example foot fetish, ass worship, toilet fetish, female domination, financial domination, and etc. Fetish is HUGE and there are so many to choose from. Some girls find the fetishes they like and stick with it and some do it it all. Even masturbation can be considered a fetish so if you're a vanilla girl you can still cross over! My first type of fetish clips where Smoking fetish because I had a fan who liked to see me smoke and bootyshake so I opened a clips store on clips4sale and the rest if history! My favorite site to explore my fetishes is Clips4Sale as you can sell ALL types of clips on there and get in touch with a whole new array of clients other than your standard vanilla clients that you'd find on MFC and etc. My advice is to look around on clips4sale and write down all the fetishes you'd be okay with exploring and start making videos for them. You'd be surprised how much money you can make off yawning or crushing grapes.

- You may get some weird requests but remember you can always say NO
- Piracy is still a thing even in the fetish world

And that's about it. Whenever I don't feel like talking alot (like I have to do in most of my femdom videos) and just want to do something simple I make a bunch of fetish videos and they still sell. Just do a little research and find your niche. Remember since fetish videos are so specific you can charge a little more because more than likely if a guy has a fetish for something he doesn't mind paying a little extra for someone to cater to it!

So that's a small breakdown on vanilla v.s fetish when it comes to camming and making clips. Remember you can do BOTH (I recommend having a separate store) as I do both but my MAIN focus will always be my fetish and femdom clients. In another post we will discuss the best sites to work on for both niches and how to maximize your profits!

If you have any questions feel free to tweet at me! xo


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