How to Brand & Market Yourself 101

So you want to learn about how to market yourself and take your brand to the next level?

Branding is very important in this industry. If you want your fans to remember you and be able to find you on every site you work on then branding & marketing yourself is essential!


Remember we are "adult models" (keyword MODELS) so always look the part. Do your makeup, hair, and always dress your best. Some guys are into the natural girl next door look but just remember to still look your best at all times! Even if you are a natural goddess, we work with HD cameras, high wattage lighting and they can show any little imperfection, so I recommend treating this just like any other production job. You wouldn't go on live TV or film a hollywood movie with no makeup on right? Exactly! It's just a part of production.

Here are some tips on beautifying yourself if you are a low maintenance girl
- Shop at your local Beauty Supply & Drug Store for inexpensive Makeup
- Invest in a good wig if you hate doing your hair (amazon & aliexpress)
- Buy Press-On nails if you hate getting expensive manicures
- Get cheap lingerie from amazon and aliexpress
- Stores like marshalls sell panties and bra sets for cheap

Sometimes I don't feel like being glam 24/7 so that's how I manage to still look like a boss bitch in my pics and clips even if I'm on a budget!


The best way to market yourself will always be on sites that cater to our line of work. Sign up for all of them (if they are legit). You never know where you will find your next big spender. I get most of my paying clients from clip and cam sites. Many girls make the mistake of focusing too much on social media to find clients but I can assure you that cam, clips, and phone sites are much better for finding clients as their sole purpose is to connect girls like us with men who seek our services. Social media is last on the list in ways to help you find customers but every now and then I turn a follower into a paying fan. And if you already have a large social media following then you can use it to your advantage.

When I first started out in 2009, I converted alot of my fans into customers simply by taking alot of sexy NON-NUDE photos and posting them, then once I was on a camsite or clip site I told them to sign up to see more and of course they did because why wouldn't they want to see the sexy girl in the pics live on cam or her videos? This tactic still works til this day. You'd be surprised how much taking sexy photos can work in your favor. ALWAYS watermark your pics because people will steal your images and put them on sites like backpage or pretend to be you and trick guys out of money so watermark them to keep the pirates away.

My fav iphone photo editor is: LINE Camera. It's FREE and has alot of beautiful filters and you can add text and stickers to your images. Or you can use photoshop or photoscape if you're on the computer to edit and watermark your photos.

I use my photos for my niteflirt listings, promo graphics, and on social media. Photos are only to lure the guys in to spend on you.

Since FOSTA/SESTA and the rise of more open sex workers, most social media sites are very discriminatory against us so it's way harder to market yourself nowadays. I will do more research and create a separate blog post about marketing yourself on social media without getting deleted but like I said if you focus more on clip/cam/phone sites then you'll be more successful.


I recommend creating a simple website or blog with all of your info and services and connect your domain to it. Make sure you watermark all of your clips with the domain. I can help you create a website for you brand, visit my design site here. More than likely guys who buy your clips or the ones just browsing your store will visit your website to find out where else they can find you or to order customs, book a skype show, and etc.

Pick a stage name and stick with it. Changing your name too much can be too confusing for your fans and for google SEO.

Make your twitter and all social media profiles your stage name, aswell as your domain so you'll be easy to find.

Branding yourself is important because this way you will deter people from stealing your pics and avoid time wasters because they know you mean business and are a professional girl. This industry preys on naive new girls starting out. Iv'e never had guys ask me to "verify" myself because they know I'm 100% legit simply by visiting my clips store and going to my website.

And that's pretty much the basics. We will go more in depth with ways to promo yourself in another post but this is a great introductory to branding and marketing as a online sex worker!

If you have any questions, tweet me!


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