About Us

Hello, this website was created for educational purposes for those looking to get started in the webcam and online sex work industry.

I have been a camgirl and clip producer for almost 10 years now and I always wished there was more resources when I first started. So I figured I'd share my knowledge and experience with those who are interested to make their webcam career a little easier.

My blog is 100% FREE! I do this just because I really love to help out new girls and sharing my knowledge. So please enjoy all of the abundance of info on here. It's alot of reading but just look at it like mini chapters in a book with useful info that could possibly make you a millionaire one day! Yes there are plenty of millionaire sex workers out there!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the blog I put together for you. I will be adding lots of info on here and feel free to let me know what topics you'd like me to touch on!

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